Crazy Coaster Half


Bouncer Dimensions: 28'x25'x20'. With the set up of every inflatable we ask for 3ft of extra space around the outside, so for this item we would need a 31'x28'x23' area for set up.

Item Description: Our Crazy Coaster Obstacle Course lays out a wild track over 120 feet long. With overs, unders, slides and tunnels, this unit will challenge thrill seekers of all ages!

Additional Information: This unit is half of the Crazy Coaster Obstacle. If you would like to book the full coaster, return to the "obstacle course" page and select Crazy Coaster Obstacle.

Customer needs to supply: Heavy Unit - A minimum of 42″ wide is needed to access set up location. This obstacle course needs 3 motors. This would mean that 3 separate circuits are needed for set up.

$ 350

Rental: Crazy Coaster Half

(Subject to Availability)

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