Team Building Game Package

Item Description: This team building game package includes items for the following games:

Balloon Squeeze - Balance the balloon between you and your partner without using your hands - race to the finish line without popping or dropping the balloon, the fastest team wins! (includes 10 balloons) 

Orange Pass - Form equal teams. One player starts with the orange under their chin, and passes it to the next player under their chin. The first team to pass the orange to every player wins (includes a bag of oranges) 

Spoon Race - Balance an egg or a ball on the spoon and run for the finish line! (includes 6 spoons, eggs not included

Sack Racing - Put your feet in the sack, and while holding onto the sides, shuffle (or hop) to the finish line (includes 6 sacks) 

Hula Hoop Contest - Your classic hula hoop contest, hula for as long as you can (includes 6 hula hoops) 

Water Balloon Toss - Try your best to throw the water balloon to and from your partner without anyone popping it (includes water balloon kit) 

Three Legged Race - Pick a partner and race with just 3 legs (6 ties included) 

Dizzy Bat Race - Form teams for this relay race. One player for each team starts by running to the bat, spinning 10 times with their forehead on the bat, and running back to tag the next player. The first team to have each player finish the relay wins (includes 6 bats)

Additional Information: This activity package includes the following items: 6 Hula Hoops, 6 Ties, 6 Spoons & 3 Balls, 6 Bats, 6 Sacks, 10 Balloons (helium not included), 1 Bag of Oranges, Water Balloon kit, 8 Posts, and 2 100 ft pennant flag strings.

Customer Needs to Supply: Water will be needed to fill the water balloons. A tool such as a hammer to set up the posts is also required.

We do have a minimum of $250 for our equipment deliveries BUT we always  accept orders for pick up. We are conveniently located in Broomfield,  CO.

If your order does meet the minimum for delivery, the rental is for 4-6 hours depending on your location.

If you do pick up from our location in Broomfield, CO, the rental is for 24 hours.

$ 75.00

Rental: Team Building Game Package

(Subject to Availability)

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