A Bouncer with a Story

Bounce castles, slides, obstacle courses are always a hit at children’s parties and festivals. Depending on the occasion, there are multiple themes you can choose for your bouncer. At Mr. Big Events, we have a variety of choices from princess bouncers to race car themed bouncers. Though we love all of our bouncer themes, we are super excited about our newest addition…Kracken!

Kracken has a story that is pretty interesting to explore. The mythical creature, an octopus legend that was 1 mile long, dwelling on the ocean floor in the Norwegian seas. According to legend fish would gather around the creature, luring seaman to his resting spot due to incredible amounts of fish gathered there. The Kracken would shoot water from his nostrils causing a whirlwind in the sea that could extend for miles, enabling the monster to completely overtake the ships.

This massive bouncer would be perfect for a pirate themed party for kids! Use the Kracken for entertainment and the centerpiece, Create game station areas around the Kracken and be sure to decorate in a nautical fashion.

There are tons of ideas for food and snacks on Pinterest! Check out these super cute pirate theme treats below that we found online.

If you have any ideas for party themes, we can definitely help you ad to them and create the perfect event! Call us for free consultations and event coordinating!